And So It Begins

Last night was my first night at the shelter. A bed had not opened up, but my roommates needed to have someone in the house that could pay rent. That’s not me at the moment. I was put into an emergency room until a bed opens up. I had to pare down my belongings into a manageable load, because on emergency services, you’re supposed to be out of the shelter during the day.

I was checked in at about 7:30, given a good meal and was able to take a shower before going to bed. I drifted off quite easily and slept until 6 am, fully rested.
I am truly thankful to the shelter I am staying at. It’s not being sheltered that is the problem. It’s the fact that I have to do it again. It’s me, not the system. Bah!


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I'm still trying to figure it out.
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